Quantitative methodology: An introduction

research design
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Jan Vanhove


December 16, 2020

I’ve taught my last class for the semester and I thought I’d make available the booklet that I wrote for teaching my class on quantitative methodology. You can download it here.

It contains seven reading assignments (mostly empirical studies that serve as examples) and ten chapters with lectures:

  1. Association and causality.
  2. Constructing a control group.
  3. Alternative explanations.
  4. Inferential statistics 101. (The course is not a statistics course, but there’s no avoiding talking about p-values given their omnipresence.)
  5. Increasing precision.
  6. Pedagogical interventions.
  7. Within-subjects experiments.
  8. Quasi-experiments and correlational studies.
  9. Constructs and indicators.
  10. Questionable research practices.

I’ve also included two appendices:

Hopefully some of you find it useful, and feel free to let me know what you think.